We are Green Beverages – a fast-growing innovator of premium and better-for-you beverage with a presence in more than 40 countries.
Green Beverages owns a unique and disruptive portfolio of premium brands offering naturally sweetened colas, flavoured sodas and mocktails, and sparkling and vitamin waters. Its product portfolio includes Zagori, the market leading bottled water brand in Greece, and Green Cola, a healthier cola made with stevia, natural caffeine, and no aspartame.
Led by its highly experienced leadership team, the Group has the expertise to continue developing innovative products capable of disrupting the global soft drinks category.


Be the global leading innovator of evolutionary beverages that add value to our community and support healthier living.


Our business is rooted in a passion for nature and the world around us. We set ourselves the challenge of delivering refreshment through great-tasting and better-for-you beverages using exclusively the best ingredients. As game changer in the beverage sector, we offer a wide range of products, with no added sugar and with superior taste.

With a bright heritage, Green Beverages constantly looks for new and innovative ways to respond to the globally growing need for more health and wellness-oriented products. The brands under our product portfolio have stood out, hitting multiple milestones, revolutionizing the way people perceive beverages.

ZAGORI is a leader and pioneer in packaged natural mineral water. Pure and natural, as created in a pristine natural protected environment away from human activity, it is safely bottled within 3” directly from the Zagori natural water source. “ZAGORI” Natural Mineral Water is nature’s pure product, without any processing or human intervention.

Green Cola has revolutionized the way we drink cola, being a stevia sweetened cola and combining great taste with no calories, no aspartame, no sugar, no preservatives, while at the same time including vitalizing elements of caffeine from green coffee beans. Building on this achievement, it soon expanded into new flavours and categories – including Green Mocktails, Green Fruit Flavours and Green Mixers – to meet growing consumer demand for healthier alternatives.

Superfruits Vitamin water is an innovative water drink enriched with vitamins and minerals in 3 fruity flavors, with no sugar, sweetened with stevia, three propositions ideal for stimulation, balance, and energy!

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Committed to our goal to offer the best drinking experience

We use high quality, natural ingredients to offer great tasting, no added sugar beverages.
We create a unique experience of indulgence with innovative and better-for-you products.
We provide refreshment and enjoyment perfectly harmonized with wellness and healthy lifestyle without any compromise in taste.




Plant Based Ingredients