Our planet,
our home

We, at Green Beverages aspire to operate in harmony with our environment. Ensuring resilience and the sustainability of our operations remains a top priority for us. Our operational footprint is carefully monitored, and we closely collaborate with local authorities to ensure sustainable operation and use of resources.

fresh water

and recycling

our packaging

Saving energy and
reducing our

Supporting local partners

Making a

Making a Green Impact

It’s what we do that defines us.
That is why our projects are of utmost importance for everyone at Green Beverages.


We launched an environmental platform adding to company’s action plans towards an even greener and more sustainable future.

Raising consumer awareness towards the protection of the environment is the primary goal of this program in accordance to the company’s main goal to turn to production practices that not only respect the environment but will also, point out the way to a sustainable future.

go green

We launched the first environment friendly, bottled water whose packaging is made of 30% recycled plastic (r-PET) and is 100% recyclable. The essence of this initiative lies in reducing the environmental footprint through the many life cycles a bottle can have.

Alternative Energy Sources

We use 100% of Electricity from RES

Carbon Reduction Emissions

We use hybrid-fuel engines in fleet
to reduce CO2 emissions

We use hybrid-fuel engines in fleet to reduce CO2 emissions